Swift Carbon RaceVox Demo arrives!

Swift Carbon RaceVox demo

Having ridden many different brands of bikes over the last 10 years we’ve been lucky enough to ride some of the most renowned superbikes available to the general consumer. It’s fair to say that most bikes are now met with a general underwhelming feeling when you compare to the cream of the crop that we’ve been lucky enough to own or ride. This week at VeloElite HQ, we have been lucky enough to take delivery of a Swift Carbon RaceVox demo bike. From the moment it arrived, it felt pretty special, and excitement built, so we took for for a spin!

So how does the Racevox compare to others?

Spec wise it is difficult to look past Shimano Di2. Mechanical is nice, eTap is kool but ultimately there is no comparison for the crisp feeling of Di2, whether it is Ultegra or Dura Ace. Our demo Racevox came with Dura Ace so there is nothing more to say here, top draw!

This particular bike is a demo only, so it came with relatively low spec training wheels, but ultimately this spec of the Racevox does come with Reynolds carbon aero wheels which would enhance the the ride further. If you really wanted to get the maximum from this bike, you could upgrade to a set of VeloElite Wheels..

Standout part of the bike from the test ride – the front end. The custom Vision handlebar and stem combination has simply no give whatsoever, this means that when taking this bike into its natural habitat, heading uphill, the bike simply responds to every action you put in, instantly! It pulls like a train and urges you to feed it more and more power, make no mistake this is super fast bike, even on basic wheels! We tested this on winter roads and it felt amazing, can’t wait to see what the bike as like pushing on around a fast crit or road race circuit in the spring!

All in all, a well behaved lightweight, stiff and semi aero road bike ready to go from the moment you leave the front door. We are absolutely delighted to have the, the only RaceVox demo bike currently in the UK, so if you want to come and take a look for yourself, contact us!


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